Creator of Oxford vaccine Sarah Gilbert warns vulnerable will have to shield as Covid-19 cases rise

The Government has not yet issued updated advice to those who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable

The most vulnerable in the population may have no choice but to restart shielding after the remaining lockdown rules are removed in England on 19 July, the creator of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine has warned.

The Government has not yet issued updated guidance for how 3.8 million people classed as clinically extremely vulnerable should protect themselves from Covid-19 as social distancing and compulsory mask wearing comes to an end.

Dame Sarah Gilbert, who led the Oxford vaccine team, told i: “In people who have been vaccinated and have had the two doses, they will be well protected against disease that is severe enough to put them in hospital, and against death. But that’s only about half the country have had their two doses, so that leaves about half the country I think that haven’t.


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