NASA's 1st female chief engineer at Kennedy Space Center wants to put a space station around the moon

When NASA builds its first space station near the moon, how will we ship items out there?


Teresa Kinney, NASA's first female chief engineer at the agency's Kennedy Space Center (KSC), is one of the managers working to put the Gateway lunar space station together in orbit around the moon later in the 2020s. Gateway will support Artemis program landing missions on the moon in the next decade or so, but like the International Space Station, it needs to be built first.

Kinney also works in Deep Space Logistics, which is the Gateway project office at KSC that is working to get all the commercial cargo services lined up to ship things for astronaut crews: Cargo, equipment and consumables. She sat down with during Women's History Month to talk about her journey to her current role, and how she's mentoring younger team members.



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